Addendum and York

Some of my 3 readers may question my crtisism of the kids invading the youth hostels. So, to fight off the most hardened readers, I present you with numbers.
There are over 150 beds in this hostel. Tonight there are two rooms for non-school people. One 4 bed mens room and one 8 bed womens room. That’s right. A maximum of 12 beds for non kids. Less than ONE TENTH of the beds are for travellers. Tomorrow night they had no room for me (which is fine, because I was planning to stay with friends anyways, but…).(If you wonder how I am writing, I will tell you that my ipod is cranked up to max to drown out the kids waiting in line for dinner.)

I wandered about York today. City center and University mainly. York Uni still smells the same 🙂 It looks a bit different htough. Even in Goodricke, the mailboxes have been moved. We used to have slots in the wall. Mine was the PQ slot. Then you look in the slot to see if any of the mail is actually yours. Apparently, according to Holly, they decided that perhaps it wasn’t the best idea to just leave the mail out where anyone could get it. They also now have microwaves and toasters in the kitchens in A-block AND they have key card access, instead of having to type in the 5 number code. Quite amusing. I ran into Holly on the bridge between Goodricke and Wentworth and, perhaps more surprisingly, she recognized me. We chatted for a bit and she said that I should come to Glee tonight, so I’m planning to go, although I don’t know if I’ll go for rehersal or just for the social time.

Anyways, I’m off to track down lodging for Saturday night.

Youth Hostel, where is your youth?

Just to inform you, this will be a slightly whiney post, primarily because it’s that time in my travels, and I have no one to vent to privately 🙂

I generally think of myself as a fairly tolerant person. I have many friends from many backgrounds, I enjoy conversations with young and old alike and diverse perspectives interest me.

On this trip, I am staying in Youth Hostels. In Italy/Switzerland, I stayed in independent hostels and now I’m in Hostelling International Hostels. In England and Wales, it is called the YHA (Youth Hostel Association). When I think of Youth, I think of folks between, say 15 and 25. I don’t think of my grandparents and I don’t think of 10 year olds. But, that is not to say that they are not the primary clients of the YHA though.

This is the second hostel on my trip where I have yet to see anyone within 3 years of my age (either direction) who is travelling on their own (aka not a leader of the school group). Most of the independent travellers are in their late 50s, early to mid 60s. Not that I am generally social in places like this, but the older folks are just downright anti-social: either because they don’t speak to others or because once they open their mouths they will not be quiet. I’m not sure why this is.

The other end of the spectrum though, is the children. The screaming school children. I don’t quite know why they are here, I suppose for the history. But they scream. And then you try to get away from the screaming…but you can’t, because everywhere you go in the hostel you can either hear the screaming children, or quiet children have taken over (like the TV lounge) or there are no seats.

In other news, I am in York. It is quite odd walking around, not a stranger, but not exactly at home either. Things have changed since I was here last. Shops have moved, shops have closed, shops have opened. There is massive construction on campus and I don’t fit in there any more. Hopefully, when I go by tomorrow, the CS building will be open and I can sit on a computer for free and write my presentation and do email, etc etc.

Tomorrow night, I may go to a concert. I know at least one person in it and it sounds quite random… I think it’s a musical about Herod dating back to about 1300. I’m off now. It’s amazing how much sitting on a train for 6 hours can wipe you out!

No pictures today, hopefully more tomorrow 🙂