How I travel (Part 2)

One of my big foci for travel is food. I think I started planning my Copenhagen eating 2 months in advance. (For a 24 hour trip.) While I am often not willing to pay money for souvenirs or museums, I am almost always willing to pay money for good food.

Actually, amusingly, absolutely none of my plans panned out, but I was thrilled with my decisions. The only food I think I haven’t been happy with on this trip was the night when I got cheap Tex-Mex in Estonia. Lesson learned.


Grilled pineapple and chicken “quesadilla” with cheese sauce and yogurt-esque guacamole.

But to give you an idea of how I eat while traveling, I’ve decided to share my last 24 hours (relative to when I’m writing) of food with you. Figuratively. I’ve been super geeky and taken pictures of everything I’ve eaten, so this should be pretty easy.

Lunch at Kanal Caffeen:


Smoked Salmon Smørbrød on white bread. (With cucumber, dill, asparagus, tomato, lettuce, and lemon)


Some kind of lamb Smørbrød on rye bread. (with cress, aspic?, onion, tomato, cucumber, and lettuce).

This lunch made me want to only eat smoked salmon smørbrød for the rest of my life. It was pretty spectacular. Sadly the lamb came out second and that was ehh, in comparison. BUT WOW. SMOKED SALMON SMØRBRØD I HEART YOU.

Snack at La Glace:


Hot chocolate (literally) with whipped cream and a variation on sachertorte.

The chocolate was amazing. Actually better without the cream than with…AND it came with two glasses worth in the pitcher. Sadly, the cake was super boozy. Like the whipped cream was probably not cream but booze. Is it possible that you can create whipped cream out of 100% booze? But the cherries and chocolate in the cake made me happy. And it was purdy.

Dinner at Paafuglen:


Fanta and a cheesy, spicy, salty, red pepper bread with Lurpak butter.


Gazpacho with chopped onions and green peppers and cream cheese?


Tagliatelle with shrimp, red pepper, onions, peas, and dill.

I ordered the “Summer Menu” because I wanted the tagliatelle, but I was not really that excited about the gazpacho. That said, the whole dinner was fantastic. Fan-freaking-tastic. And I got vegetables which I’d been short on since/in Germany.

Breakfast and snack from Lagkagehuset (and 7-11):


        Poppyseed bun with almond fililng. (Christiana store) And Skim Milk. (7-11)


Traditional Danish. (Christiana store)


Greek yogurt with rhubarb compote, berries, and granola. (Airport store)

This place is my new favortest bakery ever. My computer tells me that favortest is not a word, but I know it is, because this place is my favortest. First off, I worried that at 8am on a Saturday morning, they might be busy. I waited, maybe 3 minutes to be served? Second of all, they make delicious goodies. Bread, sandwiches, pastries, yogurty-goodness. All delicious. If they opened a franchise in Minneapolis, I would buy from it all the time. i would probably go broke. Come to think of it, that is a very bad idea.

Best Dessert Ever

Quark-Joghurt Creme (Vanilla) with fresh German Blueberries. WOW. Just. WOW. And since the Quark-yogurt was only about .60 euros and the blueberries were 3 euros for 500 grams, this was a steal. I want more. Now.


Tractor Restaurant

I ate dinner in the craziest restaurant ever. There were tractors in it. Inside. Multiple tractors. And chicken wire.


The casual atmosphere of Zetor

Note that the light shades are buckets and there are rolls of paper towels on the table.

The casual atmosphere of Zetor

What you can’t see here is that in between the wood frame is chicken wire. THAT BOOTH IS BASICALLY A CHICKEN COOP. Also see the tractor behind it. It is covered with racing stripes.

Nice retro blue plow table

Sadly blurry blackjack giant white tractor

I was worried that the BLACKJACK DEALER NEXT TO THE TRACTOR might ask me to not take a picture.

The food was surprisingly good. I learned that when roe are bigger than sushi masago, they pop in your mouth. I also learned that the Finns sure know about Rainbow trout and blueberry pie. And blini.

And that the dude next to me thought that all Americans are from Texas or San Diego.