How I travel (Part 3)

Sometimes, I am slightly more normal than others. (Albeit, rarely.) One of these times came on my evening in Copenhagen when I ventured to Tivoli, a 150+ year old amusement park. Now granted my reasoning for visiting was probably different than many people’s, but I enjoyed it greatly.

When I was little, I read a book called Lotte’s Locket. I read it about 10 times or so, but all I remember is that Lotte got lost in Copenhagen and she and her class went to Tivoli. So when I was going to Copenhagen, Tivoli was at the top of my list.

I went for about 3 hours, including part of the Friday Night Rock Concert and dinner. I will say that while the screaming people on rides is one thing, the atmosphere at Tivoli at night is something different altogether. The lights combined with the concert are very special.

Tivoli is an amusement park, but not like Six Flags or a place like that. You pay for admission and rides separately and it’s quite possible that you’ll only pay for one ride, not a ride pass.

First, Tivoli loves recycling. If you recycle your plastic drink cup, you get a small refund.Very cool.


There’s a lot of cool looking gates and stuff. This door makes me think the most of “Tivoli Garden” the way I thought of it in the past.


Then there’s the Arabic looking castle. With cool fountains and roses…of course.


And amidst the rides and the chaos, there is a row boat on a lake.


The lake also has fountains. The steeple you see in the background is from the City Hall. Copenhagen (like many European cities) is very good at preserving trees. Go Green!


This stretch of Tivoli made me think of Harry Potter and Diagon Alley. Anyone else see a resemblance? Anyone know if J.K. Rowling had been to Tivoli before writing the Harry Potter books?


The open space area in front of the stage lit up for the concert. The palace is lit up in the background.


Norwegian flags and a statue…and roses.


The City Hall and the lake. At night.


One of the craziest roller coasters, all lit up, with screaming people aboard.


I would go back to Tivoli in an instant. Preferably with some friends so that I have people to hang out with and go on rides with, Obviously I should go back to Copenhagen soon.