Opinion: Christmas

My family’s living room, Christmas 2004

Today I’m not feeling long winded, so I will share with you two opinions regarding Christmas.
1) Christmas should not be thought about until either December or the first Sunday in Advent, whichever comes first. In extreme situations you can think about Christmas immediately following Thanksgiving. (Note: this does not apply to gift giving. You can always be thinking of Christmas gifts. This applies primarily to decorations and music.) I refuse to buy Christmas decorations in early November. I would refuse to look at Christmas decorations in November if that were possible, but I think I wouldn’t be able to enter stores, so I’m not quite that strict.
2) I’m sorry mom, but a fig tree is not a Christmas tree. It makes a valiant attempt and is definitely more convenient, unique, and more ecologically sound, but it’s just not quite the same. (This could be cross filed under: Why my family is weird…) Our fig tree also doesn’t hold nearly enough ornaments. I also hadn’t realized until I went through my photos that we’d been decorating the fig tree for so long. I guess going to the closest parking lot and buying a tree just didn’t have the same appeal as going skiing and snowmobiling to cut down our own tree from the woods, either. So while I respect your decision and your past fig tree decorating skills mom, I think this year we’ll have a traditional tree 🙂