Another November, Another month of blogging

Yay! It’s November again and so I’m going to attempt again to blog every day this month. The rules are the same as last year: I have to exercise for 30 minutes before I can blog. Yeah, that is pretty much the only rule. Another interesting thing I have planned is writing most, if not all, blog posts with my voice dictation software. That would make things easier on my wrist and also give me more of a chance to try this software. I’m also contemplating switching to the new version of voice dictation software so this would give me a chance to figure out if that’s what I want.

As always, suggestions for posts are always welcome. And we’re off!

November Challenges

My November challenge is to post once a day (challenge issued by me)! But in order to do that, I must first exercise for thirty minutes (challenge issued by Ben). So there are two ways for me to fail my blogging challenge…by not blogging or by not exercising…and you’ll never know which one I’m failing on. We’ll see how it goes.

Let me know if you’re tuning in.