I’m headed to Kentucky for a week and am crazy doing laundry and packing, etc. Last time I was in Kentucky, I headed up to Lexington for an afternoon with friends. Lexington has horse around the city like other cities have bears or pigs or other statues. Each is decorated uniquely. So I walked around a corner and saw this horse.

Zoom in?

Yes! That is a binary horse. I did not translate what it said, but I was super psyched to seek the uber-geekiness in the bluegrass.

State Fair Art

(Written between 10/2/09 and 11/1/09) Fear not, loyal readers, I have returned from paper mode intact with more tales of the State Fair.

Since we spent about 12 hours at the fair, we got to see many varied aspects of the fair. In the first part of the series, you got to see the goofy looking animals, which is how our day began. In this installment, you’ll see some of the unqiue art. Then the final part will be about food. I should also mention that this post was specially requested by Simon, who, with her blog partner Ivan just celebrated her fifth blogoversary. Congratulations!

For some, unexplained reason, some counties get space to make diorama displays. One county made a “Pork is Safe” display with lots of glitter.

From Tricia

They wanted you to know that Swine Flu doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t eat pork. Noted. Apparently pigs also play baseball…

Another county taught people how to make cheese. They did this by showing them the “Home Cheesemaking” book on an easel. That is sure to inspire home cheesemaking. Other dioramas explained that wolves were endangered, that cannabis was an invasive weed, and that geocaching is fun.

After admiring the amazingly artistic dioramas, we went to look at the seed art. The concept of seed art is very simple. Think elementary school crafts. Glue seeds on a piece of paper to make it look like a picture. First, however, you must admire the corn cobs, as this is where seeds come from. (Scott admires corn well. Ben doesn’t do as good a job, especially for growing up on a corn farm.) You can win ribbons if you have good corn. It was unclear as to what made good corn and Ben would not enlighten us.

From Tricia

Then we got to the art. Notice Michele Bachmann, saint of wingnuts, next to Farah Fawcett. Also notice that these are not elementary school art (for the most part).

From Tricia

Then there was the inevitable portrait of Obama. In seeds, of course. (I must keep reminding you that this is seed art…)

From Tricia

And the crowning glory. Self Portrait with First Ladies. Mrs. R.W. Regan and Mrs. G.W. Bush. We don’t know who the self-portrait is of or why he has a halo or why the first ladies have animals on their shoulders. There are really so many unanswered questions about this picture. But apparently seeds were the proper medium, so there you have it. Self portrait with first ladies in seeds.
From Tricia

After all the seed art (more on seed art here), we were feeling like we needed a little more dairy, so we headed to the dairy building. In the dairy building, there is a rotating refrigerated platform. This is so that viewers can watch as the butter sculpter sculpts the head of the Princess Kay of the Milky Way and the Princess Kay of the Milky Way finalists. Please, please, please read more about this fascinating Minnesota tradition on the Wikipedia link above. You will not be disappointed. Reid has remarked dismay in the past, that our lab does not qualify as being involved in the production of dairy products, because he thought that I would make an excellent contestant. (I am now too old, sadly.)
One of the benefits to being a finalist in the Princess Kay of the Milky Way competition, is that you get your head carved in a 90 pound block of butter AND then you get to keep the head.
The girl above was interviewed by two of the other finalists (while in the refrigerated platform). One of the questions was “What are you planning to do with your butter head?” You will be pleased to know that her parents had just bought her a freezer for her butter head and she was planning to use it for a corn roast or wedding.

So there you go folks…art at the state fair.