I finally got Google and Blogger and WordPress to all come together and be happy. So for now, you’ll see all my posts from my previous blog on here. The categories may be changing as I do some maintenance, but everything that was here is still here and then there’s more as well. Sorry for the bother!


Note on pictures

I know that some of the pictures are showing up a bit strange. I should be able to fix that next week. For now, enjoy the essence of the pictures and I’ll try ot make the text worth your while! Danke schöne.

Yo Peeps

My blog moved. Point your browsers here or RSS readershere for some WordPress fun. If you’re not seeing anything quite yet, give it a few hours. There is stuff coming. I promise. It is scheduled!

November Statistics

For those of you who are interested, here’s the statistics from Google Analytics for the month of November. Keep in mind that these statistics are only from my website, so if you read the blog via facebook or a RSS reader and don’t click through to the original post, you aren’t counted in these numbers.

Traffic was up 562.07% with 384 visits from 145 visitors. People read the blog from 15 countries, 26 states, and 84 cities. The average person spent 2.5 minutes on the site and only 35% of the visits were from new visitors.
With that in mind, I’m going to start a new challenge. I like seeing positive numbers in my Google Analytics account everyday. Even if they’re small, one is greater than zero and somehow that has become exciting.