Old Photos

Today I met up with two old friends. We reminisced about college and our awesome sleepover of 2007.

This is how our picture would have looked 100 years earlier.

But this is how we really look…

Three for the price of…two?

Some people should not be invited to weddings. Sometimes those people include me.
Mary wanted me to be short. That makes me sad and Mary have small lips.
Woah. Liz (the bride aka the one with the white dress that SHE made) is getting in on the crazy fun with Jessi.
PS. Sorry for not posting yesterday. I am not doing so well with this challenge :/


Betsy, Julie, and I were co-couselors for the Girls in Science program and we may or may not have had some late night sword fights with other counselors. This was a minor variation of our team picture. Julie doesn’t look nearly as weird as Betsy and I. I think it shows the extra crazy required to get Ph.Ds. (Betsy and I are both less than two years from finishing, I believe…)