30 Before 30

As I approach my 28th birthday, it occurs to me that I’m getting close to my 30th birthday and that now might be a good time to make some goals for myself.

So I’m making a list. I’ve seen this in some other places too. It’s called 30 before 30 and the idea is 30 measurable goals to meet by your 30th birthday.


1. Get a Ph.D. (in progress. Now ABD!)

2. Get a “real job” (one lasting more than 14 weeks) (Completed! More on this soon.)

3. Visit 1 “new to me” continent (not North America or Europe)

4. Go camping

5. Read (and record) 90+ “new to me” books (Completed! – 92/90)

6. Watch the movies that Ben gave me a few years ago (in progress – 2/3)

7. Go to the Walker Art Museum or Minneapolis Institute of Arts (Completed.)

8. Organize and clean out my closet (in progress)

9. Scan old negatives (involves me going to KY or parents coming to MN) (Done with all my personal negatives)

10. Call a friend or non-parent family member once a month just to chat (in progress – 11/24)

Diet & Fitness

11. Run a 5K (no walking)

12. Swim laps for 30 minutes straight

13. Do a one day, 50 mile bike trip

14. Juice fast for 5 days in a row (Completed!)

15. Reach my weight goal (in progress)

16. Go vegan for a week

17. Go vegetarian for a month (Completed!)

18. Go ice skating 5+ times (Completed!)

19. Do all of the Wii Fit Yoga poses at least once without falling over (in progress- 7/18?)

20. Master all the DanceCentral songs on Easy


21. Use all my kitchen gadgets at least once more (in progress – 14 down)

22. Make at least one recipe from each cookbook I own (or give said cookbook away) (in progress – 19/42)

23. Play the piano 90 times (in progress – 7/90)

24. Make a scrapbook from an international trip (in progress – all pictures are in. Now for words.)

25. Learn to change a tire (car & bike) (in progress, bike completed)

26. Make a piece of clothing with my sewing machine

27. Take a dance course

28. Keep my desk clean for 3 months straight (Completed!)

29. Make Bagels (This isn’t happening now that I can’t have wheat…)

30. Finish my knitting project (Complete!)


Backup Ideas

31. Write and post 90 blog posts

32. Grow cherry tomatoes every summer (2012, 2013) (2012 Completed.)

33. Do a 4+ day trip with <20 lbs of luggage

34. Sell something on eBay or Craigslist

35. Buy a new iThing (complete – bought an iPhone)

36. Redecorate a room in the condo

37. Buy shoes that don’t make my feet bleed (Yes! New Birkenstocks! And Keens! And Chacos! And more Keens!)

38. Go to the zoo

39. Frame pictures (complete – 4/4 framed)


My idea is to blog about things as I do them (if they are interesting) or just count them if they are not.

This is the finalized list. Finalized on Sept 8, 2011. Here goes nothing!

Last Edited: Sept. 15, 2012

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