It was quite fitting that the night before we told my parents we were engaged, I’d been scanning my parents old wedding negatives. I also recently bought a copy of Adobe CS 5.5 Design Premium, so, empowered with the force of photoshop and some actions (occasionally) from the Pioneer Woman, I’ve fixed up some of the photos and will show them to you here. Captions will be above the photo.

I’ve grown up looking at these photos in an album that is made with the same fabric as mom’s dress. And yet, it surprises me when I talk to my parents, or look at these details and see how things were different than I have imagined them.

I don’t know how long my parents were officially engaged, but I think it was less than a year. Instead of an engagement ring, after the mutual decision that they would get married, dad gave mom a carved wooden bird. Thus explaining why the bird lives in her dresser. (That puzzled me as a kid.) My parents wanted matching PLAIN wedding bands, which at the time involved going to a jeweler in Toronto. Which I kindof think of as being similar to going to Cleveland for a jeweler because the jewelers in Columbus and Toledo don’t have plain wedding bands. Which these days, is a crazy thought.

Mom and her family.

IMAG0028 soft

Closeups of mom with her family.

IMAG0029 vintage

My parents with my dad’s parents. Sadly this negative was a little scratched on Noni and Nono’s faces. I tried to save it, but there’s still some scratch visible… I have very few pictures of my grandfather (Nono) and this one makes me smile.

IMAG0020 fix

Dad with his family. My uncle Dave is looking surprisingly serious, given his usual jovial state.

IMAG0027 fix

Mom and dad talking in the background while relatives (including my paternal grandparents) sit in the background and mom’s parents talk in the foreground.

IMAG0014 fix

These pictures (including the next three) were all taken in the yard of the house where my mom grew up. The house where my grandparents lived until the mid-nineties. I’m guessing they were taken before the service, but I don’t know. My mom’s brother and a next-door neighbor/family friend were the photographers. While not all the pictures are great, there are enough that are exactly what you want from wedding photos.


One of my favorite photos. My dad’s brother (best man), mom’s sister (maid of honor) and my parents. Everyone looks so happy.

IMAG0031 fix

I guess this picture is probably when I noticed my mom’s distinct lack of flowers. Which is amusing to me because everyone else has flowers. Mom’s not a flower type of person (I don’t know that we’ve ever had florist-flowers in our house, just wildflowers or garden flowers. In fact the one time I can remember my dad giving my mom something flower related was when he got her a lilac tree one year in Alaska.

Formal portrait.

IMAG0034 fix

Dad looking the same, with mom giggling.

IMAG0035 fix copy

Mom made her wedding dress, with the help of, I believe, my grandma. According to my grandma, there was some serious procrastination and the dress was finished less than 48 hours before the wedding. Unlike many wedding dresses, which sit preserved on a shelf, mom’s dress lived in our dress up box. It was next to the Japanese kimono and the Egyptian slippers. I think the shoes may have been in there too. For those of you missing the obvious, no, I will not be wearing my mother’s dress. I outgrew it when I was about 11.

I have never heard of a wedding with a bassoon & clarinet duet. I am intrigued. Luckily my parents have an audiocassette of the wedding, so I could listen (or share it with you all!) if I wanted. Apparently I am the only person in our house to ever have listened to the tape. I found it when I was about 12 and listened to it until it got boring. (Poor quality didn’t help relieve the boring factor.)

IMAG0039 fix

My parents were apparently trendy before the trend. They basically had a cocktail hour between the service and reception. Only the cocktail hour involved no cocktails or any sorts of alcohol (unless you brought a flask) and there were no appetizers. So a more correct term would be mingling hour. But that sounds less trendy.

IMAG0062 fix

I assume that the mingling was prior to going in the church hall for the reception. But I can’t tell you because I haven’t checked with my mother.

I had it in my head that my parents had a cookies and punch reception. People made cookies and there was a fantastic orange and cranberry punch. (I know it’s fantastic because I have the recipe and I keep thinking I should make it more often.) So you can imagine my surprise when I came across this picture this morning. Apparently there were salads, deli meats, cheeses, and bread as well as veggies. (And, presumably elsewhere, punch and cookies,)

IMAG0079 fix

My parents reception had no dancing. There was a group singing of “Consider Yourself at Home” from Oliver (performed by mom’s side of the family, as per tradition.) But I believe most of the reception was people giving speeches and involving gifts somehow. Including, for some reason, hiking boots. (Sadly there is no audio of the reception.)

IMAG0143 fix

Oh look! They’re getting a colander.

IMAG0144 fix

And the colander is on dad’s head.

IMAG0083 fix

(I sent this post to my mom for her to verify facts. She adds, “There are a few corrections to be made (for example, I believe that my mom made all the cookies over several months, and froze them until the wedding). It was a HOT day.”)

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  1. tatgeer says:

    It’s probably too late for me to steal stuff from your parents’ wedding, huh?

    Also, it’s 4am and now I have Consider Yourself at Home stuck in my head. Jerk.

  2. Simon says:

    I love it when you post old family photos. Hooray for the seventies! These pictures are absolutely adorable.

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