UX Issue of the Day

I’m at CHI all week (a 2500 person conference about Human-Computer Interaction). So many of my friends are at CHI and so many people are tweeting, that my method of coping (while still getting the good information) is to create a list of people I follow who are also at CHI. So gradually, throughout the course of the day, I’ve been adding people to my list. And I’ve been making the same mistake every single time. 

I use tweetdeck on my laptop, and this is the interface I see.


Screen Shot 2012 05 07 at 5 25 12 PM


Every time, I check the list I want to add the person to and then I click the button. The button that says create list. A list that I do not want to create. I really should be clicking the x. But clicking a save button is an instinct for me (except in Google Docs and a couple other unique cases). Maybe by tomorrow I’ll have it wired in my brain…

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