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I posted a note on Twitter and Facebook the other day that I was contemplating cutting all my hair off. Now that is a bit of an exaggeration, but not completely. Right now my hair is about as long as it’s ever been.

Bad iPhone picture of my hair a month ago.

IMG 0147

I have about four options for how I wear my hair. Down, in a clip, in a braid, or in a french braid. Except that 90% of the time I throw it up in a clip. Usually this happens before I’ve left the house, so it is still dry at night when I let it down. Especially in the winter, this is no fun.

Ideally I want my hair to look like Charlize Theron’s in Sweet November.


I know my face is the wrong shape and my hair isn’t as wavy, but I still love this hairstyle. I’ve loved it since Christmas 2002 when I went to a hair salon and had them cut off a huge amount of hair. I had never and have never had my hair as short since I was 6 or so. This was the first cut I’ve ever had that I LOVED. Absolutely LOVED. I think I was too nervous to get it cut as short as I wanted, but… All of the following pictures were taken within the month. I was in Mexico in January 2003.

I am combing wool in this picture.

IMAG0454 1

I hated it when it looked like this. This is the worst picture I could find of my hair.

IMAG0508 1

This is much better.

IMAG0542 1

I want low-ish maintenance, but it doesn’t have to be as low maintenance as in Mexico. I would not reject mousse. Any specific ideas (especially when accompanied by pictures) would be appreciated.

3 Responses to Hair Ideas

  1. Rebecca Stephanie says:

    Go for dreadlocks. Especially if you are entering the job market soon, you want a hairdoo that is professional, yet low maintenance. It would also be a huge win if you strung some beads through them, and maybe dyed a few locks hot pink.

  2. Reid says:

    Buzz cut. You can add mousse if you want.

  3. Sarita says:

    I like the Mexico cut!

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