Hair Ideas

I posted a note on Twitter and Facebook the other day that I was contemplating cutting all my hair off. Now that is a bit of an exaggeration, but not completely. Right now my hair is about as long as it’s ever been.

Bad iPhone picture of my hair a month ago.

IMG 0147

I have about four options for how I wear my hair. Down, in a clip, in a braid, or in a french braid. Except that 90% of the time I throw it up in a clip. Usually this happens before I’ve left the house, so it is still dry at night when I let it down. Especially in the winter, this is no fun.

Ideally I want my hair to look like Charlize Theron’s in Sweet November.


I know my face is the wrong shape and my hair isn’t as wavy, but I still love this hairstyle. I’ve loved it since Christmas 2002 when I went to a hair salon and had them cut off a huge amount of hair. I had never and have never had my hair as short since I was 6 or so. This was the first cut I’ve ever had that I LOVED. Absolutely LOVED. I think I was too nervous to get it cut as short as I wanted, but… All of the following pictures were taken within the month. I was in Mexico in January 2003.

I am combing wool in this picture.

IMAG0454 1

I hated it when it looked like this. This is the worst picture I could find of my hair.

IMAG0508 1

This is much better.

IMAG0542 1

I want low-ish maintenance, but it doesn’t have to be as low maintenance as in Mexico. I would not reject mousse. Any specific ideas (especially when accompanied by pictures) would be appreciated.

Birthday Baking

Unlike the previous two Novembers, this November I am not addicted to blogging. But I try to get on here once a week or more, anyways, so here are some random pictures from this weekend.

For B’s birthday, I decided to make lasagna. From scratch. (Except for the sauce.) Here you see the spinach pasta noodles drying.

IMG 0170

Butternut Squash Sauce + Pasta.

IMG 0172

Covered with cottage cheese and caramelized onions.

IMG 0173

And more pasta.

IMG 0174

Mozzarella with raw red peppers.

IMG 0176

More layers followed. Mmmm. Lasagna Innards.

IMG 0182

Add some browned butter and sage leaves and bake. We’re still eating the leftovers.

IMG 0184

The next day I had a kitchen helper, S.

IMG 0188

We made this Fruit Pizza. Can you find the hidden message?

IMG 0189

Photos across time

Last year I got a negative & slide scanner for Christmas. Unfortunately, my negatives were living in Kentucky and I was living in Minnesota. Until a few weeks ago, when Mom came to visit with a shipment! I have most of my pictures from age 17 to 20 now (then I went digital). Here is a sampling.

Mom brought slides from her year in Switzerland and Germany. Here’s a picture. IMAG0021

I love how older photos just ooze datedness.


ME! Age 2 or so, which means we are at the Madison zoo? Or the Columbus zoo? Anyways, I’m sure I didn’t care because I had a stroller and yogurt.


If my hair could still look like this, that would be awesome. Also, I appear to picked up a love of reading early on. Where reading means making a mess and looking at pictures.


I can only assume that this is me after being chastised for making a mess. Or maybe mom wouldn’t read Goodnight Moon to me for the thousandth time. Either way, it was obviously quite upsetting. This was also during a phase where mom didn’t cut the feet off my sweet pjs. I want some of those pjs now. No drafts!


Dad had to help me pet a goat. Obviously they are scary. And bigger than me. (But I’m taller! HAHAH!)


My little cousin L. She’s now in high school!


L and I make wontons. She was an excellent helper then and can only assume she is even better now.


One of my many senior portraits. I should obviously do a whole series on these.


The Glasgow Highland Games during sophomore? year of college. We dressed up. Obviously I didn’t get the whole “in costume” thing, because while I do have a jug of root beer, I am wearing a GIGANTIC sports watch as well as tevas and SOCKS. Classy!


One of my favorite pix ever of me and my little bro. Obviously it could be cleaned up but there’s no time today. At the time he was less than a semester into going to high school in Canada, 1000 miles from home, and living with strangers. While it was hard on the family, I can’t believe that he survived (and thrived) away from home at such a young age. This guy also ran a marathon this morning and beat his goal. I was proud of him then and I still am today.


That is all for now, but there is lots more where this came from.