Juice Cleanse/Fast

Yesterday, I got to cross off one item on my 30 Before 30 list: the 5 day juice cleanse.

I started this because i thought there was a chance it might help my headaches/migraines. It didn’t. But it was an interesting exercise in self-control and patience.

We bought a juicer a few weeks ago in order to make this process a little cheaper. Then we modeled our juices on the juices from Blueprint Cleanse (at first). That meant that we had six 16 ounce juices a day. They were to be drunk in a specific order. They were also supposed to be drunk fresh.  Between the juices we were supposed to drink 12+ oz. of water. I almost just moved into the bathroom to live.

Here’s a rundown with pictures.

Our juicer in the juicing corner. It’s a Hurom Slow Juicer, recommended by Bon Appetit. It was expensive, but it will juice almost anything. Nuts, beans, greens, etc.

IMG 1257

This is the fridge on Saturday morning, day 3 of the fast.

IMG 1263

This is our take from the farmer’s market for juicing. apples, kale, lettuce, parsley, beets, and strawberries.

IMG 1264

Fridge post market. Amazingly almost all of this was gone by this morning (the end of the juice cleanse).

IMG 1265

The first and third juices of the day are green: kale, lettuce, spinach, parsley, celery, cucumber, lemon, and apple. Here are the ingredients for 4 16 oz portions.

IMG 1255

Then we juice all of it. The celery is chopped in a food processor because otherwise it clogs the machine. We also had to alternate greens and apples to ensure the machine wasn’t clogged.

IMG 1258

This is what is leftover…

IMG 1259

The juice!

IMG 1261

Second juice of the day is pineapple-apple-mint. We used peppermint. Unfortunately the pineapple clogs the machine. Half a pineapple and a lot of apples are what we used.

IMG 1267

Juicing the pineapple and apple.

IMG 1270

Here’s the drink. The foam is due to the machine being clogged.

IMG 1273

After the second green, we make spicy lemonade. Below Ben is juicing lemons. Then we mix the juice with water, agave syrup, and cayenne pepper. It can make your brain explode.

IMG 1275

Post spicy lemonade is red juice. Gag. Apples, beets, lemon, ginger, and carrots. Only it was gross so I added strawberries.

IMG 1276

Red juice. So gross. And pulpy. And ick.

IMG 1280

The final drink of the day is nut milk. Ben likes cashews and I like almonds, hence the difference. We juiced dates with them so that we didn’t have to add any agave syrup. One day we added cinnamon and most days we added vanilla. But in order to juice the nuts, we had to soften them. So we soaked them for 4+ hours.

IMG 1262

The final product!

IMG 1282

So that’s what I’ve been up to. Let me know if you have questions.

5 Responses to Juice Cleanse/Fast

  1. Reid says:

    OMG, that sounds awful! Did Ben do it with you? If that’s not a sign of true love, nothing is.

  2. Simon says:

    I have so many questions!

    Firstly, was it terrible? Because although I love juice, I think I would miss, uh, chewing. Sometimes even when I’m eating normal food I go and buy something specifically because it crunches. So I’m curious about your experience of drinking all your meals.

    Also, what effect is this supposed to have, and what effect did it actually have? I gather it didn’t help the migraines. Was it good/bad in any other ways?

    You were clearly eating a lot of good food, just in juice form, but I am curious whether you were hungry.

    What was your favorite juice? Would you make any of them again just for fun?

    And last of all… do you feel cleansed?

    • Katie says:

      Firstly, yes. It was terrible but mainly because I didn’t like a bunch of the juices. It was kindof weird not eating, but the way we did it it meant that meal prep took WAY longer than consuming the drinks. So that was odd.

      It was supposed to cleanse us of toxins. Yeah. i don’t really know what that means either. I just know that my skin cleared up a little and I lost 3.5 pounds. So that was nice, but seems a bit drastic for what it did. The ways it was bad I’d prefer not to talk about here. Suffice it to say digestive tracts aren’t made for this kind of diet.

      Yes. I was hungry. Not on the first few days, but the last two for sure. Hardest was waking up at 4am because of hunger…

      I really liked the pineapple-apple-mint (with mint, not peppermint) and the almond milk was pretty good too. Especially if I want nuts without eating a cup, I may make this again. Green and red…NO WAY.

      I don’t really feel cleansed. So that is sad…

  3. Simon says:

    Very intriguing. Yes, it seems like a lot of work and… issues… for only mild benefits. However, you never know until you try. And hey, now you know about pineapple-apple-mint juice, which are ingredients I never would have thought to put together!

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