I am not a stalker

Stalkers do not get flowers from the people they are stalking.


Stalkers also do not get chocolates.


I know that many of you think I’m crazy. And perhaps I am. But it’s really fun going to small towns and seeing the same people interact with different folks, night after night. Random fact: In Lüneburg and Meldorf, I didn’t hear one native English speaker on the streets. That’s the type of trip I like!

Also, this is nowhere as epic (yet? I hope?) as some of my other trips. (No car accidents, no contemplating sleeping in graveyards, no using frequent flyer miles to disappear from the country without telling my parents. One of the guys sounded surprised that everything had been so crazy in the past!)

Friday night my hotel wasn’t even 50 feet from the concert hall. I went to my room instead of waiting in line for the restroom. I could get spoiled by that quickly. Except that that was my last concert of the trip.

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  1. Katie says:

    Wait… did the King's Singers send you flowers and chocolate?! That is AWESOME.

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