Interesting fact. Every once in a while I get bored and decide that I would be a better blogger if I got a new blog. So I decided that I should get a new blog. But this time I did a little research (I asked Twitter peeps) and they leaned away from Blogger (no new blog) and towards WordPress (new blog!). There you go. The masses spoke. And I comply.

On the whole, I’m going to try to update more regularly. That, for me, means once a weekish. But, lucky for you, you’re starting out on a high point. I’m currently on a plane to Helsinki for a crazy European adventure, so barring technological misfortune, the posts will be fast and furious for the next few weeks and then will drift back down to the regular pace. Because of the travels the next few weeks will also be picture heavy. So stay tuned if you like that sort o’stuff.

The new blog address is: http://katieblogs.panciera.net or you can subscribe by clicking on that handy little button on the top right of your screen. You can also subscribe by email if you prefer emails.

And, because you are awesome, here is a picture of me. On the plane. I haven’t slept since 7am CDT Friday. It is now 8am ish CDT Saturday. (I am looking falsely happy. My eyelids really weren’t that open.)

Me. On the airplane. No sleep. w00t!

Also, a photo from exactly three years ago. Of me and my bestest bud, Peter Sagal.

Best Buds Forever.

And now, because you put up with all that. I’m going to drop some knowledge. KLM can make a sandwich. First, Pumpernickel without caraway…WIN. Second, Egg Salad with bits o’cheddar? WIN. Third, chive spread on a ham sandwich? WIN. WIN WIN WIN.

These sandwiches were yummy.

Also, my new bestest bud is the stroopkoekje. Sorry Peter.

Yay for the Dutch and their brilliant cookies!

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