Tractor Restaurant

I ate dinner in the craziest restaurant ever. There were tractors in it. Inside. Multiple tractors. And chicken wire.


The casual atmosphere of Zetor

Note that the light shades are buckets and there are rolls of paper towels on the table.

The casual atmosphere of Zetor

What you can’t see here is that in between the wood frame is chicken wire. THAT BOOTH IS BASICALLY A CHICKEN COOP. Also see the tractor behind it. It is covered with racing stripes.

Nice retro blue plow table

Sadly blurry blackjack giant white tractor

I was worried that the BLACKJACK DEALER NEXT TO THE TRACTOR might ask me to not take a picture.

The food was surprisingly good. I learned that when roe are bigger than sushi masago, they pop in your mouth. I also learned that the Finns sure know about Rainbow trout and blueberry pie. And blini.

And that the dude next to me thought that all Americans are from Texas or San Diego.

2 Responses to Tractor Restaurant

  1. Anne Panciera says:

    Do I get to say FIRST? Or is that too old school now in the era of Twitter? I sure hope that you bought the moomintroll earrings. At age 8(?), could you ever have believed that someday you would be in a mall in Helsinki, contemplating the pros and cons of that purchase?

    • Katie says:

      You can say first if you want mom! I'm glad you can see the Twitter feed now. I didn't buy the Mommintroll earrings, but I'll be back in the store on my way back and I'll buy them then. I need to reread the books before I wear them though so that I feel worthy!

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