Recently, my friends Reid and Erin moved to the East Coast. Reid got himself a real job, which also meant he wasn’t on a grad school salary anymore. This means that he had fun mailing me some random packages. Officially they were for Ben, but I wasn’t about to carry the second one home after the first arrived.

See the paper? He sent one box just full of paper. (That was the one I carted home on the bus, after carrying it for 15 minutes across campus.) Then I got this box. I opened it. In it was paper…

a tent fly, tent fly stakes, and a ziploc bag containing the top portion of a dried out cow femur. Just want I needed that Friday.
Ben refuses to accept the femur, because he “gave” it to Reid, telling him of his expectations that it would be displayed anytime we visited. Therefore I guess the femur is mine. Thanks Reid?

4 Responses to Mail

  1. tatgeer says:

    I feel like I should comment on this, but I don't actually have anything to say about it. :/

  2. Simon says:

    I feeeeeeel like maybe Reid has too much expendable income? Also why is a dried-out cow femur circulating among you?

  3. tatgeer says:

    Simon – it's more about Reid funneling his entertainment budget towards practical jokes rather than movies or video games. 🙂 And the femur came from a desert hiking trip that Reid, Ben, and I went on. Katie was too lame to come with us.


  4. Katie says:

    I was too lame. For that, I'm very sad.

    But yeah, Simon, Reid likes funneling his entertainment budget on things like this. And I am subsequently amused or horrified. Simon and tatgeer, maybe you can both look forward to similar fun when I have expendable income 🙂

    Simon, for you that means bacon!

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