Anthony’s Here

My brother makes excellent poses at Christmas time (example above, ~2005). Anthony made it in this afternoon and brought his worldly sense of crazy with him. My parents will show up tomorrow and then the quintet of crazy will be complete.

Bandaids Attack

On choir tour in college we had secret angels and the idea was to secretly give gifts to your angel all during tour. We had no money, so we got creative. I don’t remember if Keith was, in fact, Jared’s secret angel, but every choir member had been given a bandaid to place somewhere on Jared’s exterior sometime that day. It was highly amusing.

Three for the price of…two?

Some people should not be invited to weddings. Sometimes those people include me.
Mary wanted me to be short. That makes me sad and Mary have small lips.
Woah. Liz (the bride aka the one with the white dress that SHE made) is getting in on the crazy fun with Jessi.
PS. Sorry for not posting yesterday. I am not doing so well with this challenge :/


Betsy, Julie, and I were co-couselors for the Girls in Science program and we may or may not have had some late night sword fights with other counselors. This was a minor variation of our team picture. Julie doesn’t look nearly as weird as Betsy and I. I think it shows the extra crazy required to get Ph.Ds. (Betsy and I are both less than two years from finishing, I believe…)

Christmas is coming

For some reason I was the only one excited about my New Zealand possum hat in Christmas 2004. I think this pose qualifies as an awkward family picture for many reasons…

Post-Marathon Blues

No permissions today either, but I made Ben dinner, so I figure we’re even. Ben ran Grandma’s marathon in 2006 and didn’t shave from February through June in preparation. Then he sprayed blue hair spray on his beard to make it blue. All in all it wasn’t a look he needs to recreate anytime soon… John and Chris didn’t take NEARLY as drastic measures.


Reid asked for more pictures of other people…and I think he meant people he knew, but hey. I’m ditching my clause about asking for permission unless the pictures are super embarassing. Jeff was VERY excited about graduating (or graduation rehearsal at least) and Rachel and Gina were supporting him in the excitement) while Sarah just thought he was crazy.

Early Morning/Wet Hair Katie: Part 3

For the Epic Conclusion of this series, we have this stunning self-portrait, with Andy Exley in the background, taken in the middle of the fifth day on the Steven’s Canyon trip when I got desperate and decided to jump into the pothole to swim/wash my hair. This is trust or foolishness, you know that right? Putting a picture of this on the interwebs. That is how much I care about you all and your well being/happiness.

Early Morning/Wet Hair Katie: Part 2

7am, the day after we hiked out of Steven’s Canyon: In which I am exhausted, sore, ready for some breakfast, and about to open my eyes for the first time that morning. (Picture by Ben).

Early Morning/Wet Hair Katie: Part 1

Thus begins the series: This was in Switzerland on a goat farm and I’ll admit I do not look nearly enthusiastic enough about the fresh butter and cheeses as well as the bread, yogurt, museli, coffee, tea, and cocoa that were our breakfast, but I attribute it to the wet hair. (Picture by Rachel M.)