Crafting with Mom or Why my family is weird: Part 4

Mom said that she wanted to do crafts one day while I was home. I said ok, envisioning the crafts from several Christmases ago where she and Anthony cut out 50 paper snowflakes. No. This years craft involved a blowtorch. N0t the small one, but the big one. It’s so big, it may be called something different than a blowtorch. It’s a BERNZOMATIC. We needed it at several points for our undisclosed craft.
The Bernzomatic

Mom liked to wave the BERNZOMATIC around wildly while I was trying to heat up the knife to cut the wax. She made me nervous. Luckily, it turns out that my nervousness was deserved. She lit the newspaper (guarding the countertops) on fire.
The burnt newsprint, knife, and chunk of wax.
Our craft also involved a cutting board. At one point we needed to heat up a nail (with the BERNZOMATIC) and dad fashioned a vice grip with these needlenose pliers and a rubber band. Cause in my house, that’s the way we roll.

Needlenose pliers with rubberband, nail, and drips of wax

Sorry anxious readers, but I cannot reveal what the craft was, for that would go against the rule of the craft society. But stay tuned for tomorrow’s November FINALE post (which will also not be a reveal, but will be equally exciting).

4 Responses to Crafting with Mom or Why my family is weird: Part 4

  1. Simon says:

    This reminds me of the time I tormented Ivan by making pantaloons and wouldn't tell her why. I WANT TO KNOW WHAT ON EARTH YOU'RE MAKING!

  2. Katie says:

    Because you tormented her, I must torment you…patience my dear grasshopper.

  3. Simon says:

    Dude. I can't believe my patience had to last A YEAR. LOL.

  4. Katie says:

    You had completely forgotten about it, admit it!

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