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Well, loyal readers, it is late. That is because I did not fully understand the terms of Ben’s challenge (so I had to do an extra 30 minutes of exercise…). And because I made dinner, called my parents, and planted some plants in farmville (EVIL EVIL GAME!). Then I checked election results. But I thought that maybe on Tuesdays throughout November I’d go into my archive of old photos and post some of them here. They will, of course, be embarrassing, making it all the better for you, the reader. Today’s theme is Alaska, because I was telling Alaska stories today.

You might be surprised to learn that there is grass in Alaska and it does turn green. Otherwise my dad wouldn’t have had a job. I am wearing thick gloves in this picture though. I’m also hoping that my brother is wearing boots and that his jeans aren’t rolled up, cause that would be really embarrassing for him if they were…

We had to shovel off our deck so that the snow didn’t cave in our garage or melt into it. When I say we, I mean my mom. This lead to us having great piles of snow surrounding the garage for sledding or tunneling. Or posing for pictures in. Notice the great reflective tape on my coat, this is a recurring theme. Mom could never find coats that were reflective enough, so she’d always sew on additional reflective tape. That’s what happens when you walk to and/or home from the school bus in the dark.
This was probably taken around 4 or 4:30pm. I would tell you 11am, but that would imply I was skipping school which was definitely not the case. Unless this was the year I was homeschooled…

I love that I have a more dazed look than the snowman. I believe, in retrospect, that this was fairly common throughout middle school. My mom’s most frequent accusation was that I left my brain in my locker. Looking back, I think this was probably deserved. Also, that hat plus that hood made my head look ginormo.

Apparently, even with all the snow outside, I still needed snowflake sheets. And a Flags of the World poster. That was before I upgraded to the Map of the World that had a border of Flags of the World. I would also like to take this moment to point out that while I sometimes complain about my family being weird (which is very true) it is also very cool that in addition to reading out loud almost every single night between 0 and about 12 or so, we also sang for a portion of that. While most of it was a capella, apparently sometimes Mom played her guitar. Awwww.

And, because my family doesn’t seem weird enough, here we are (my aunt, brother and I) having a picnic on an afghan in the middle of a parking lot IN THE MIDDLE OF WINTER. I believe this was the only winter picnic, because of the high high high volume of complaining (similar to many outdoor activities).
Now I will leave you to your Wednesday and I will start digging up more pictures for next week, because I know this will leave you anxious for more embarrassing pictures and stories, which I will, for some bizzarre and unknown reason, most likely supply.

8 Responses to Back in time

  1. Reid says:


  2. Anne says:

    Please clarify "weird" – does it have relationship with geekness?

  3. Simon says:

    These pictures are SO cute. I love your family. Also, this is a particularly well-written post. Nice job. I would comment with more specifics but I am too upset about the election results to be able to concentrate. I am just waiting til five so I can drown my sorrows in hard cider. *sigh*

  4. Reid says:

    Simon: why wait?

    Katie: you ask what to write about… how about more opinion pieces? Find or take a photo, or a link, and write some opinions about it.

    It doesn't have to be as epically long as these past few have been, either….. 🙂

  5. Sarah says:

    i love pictures of little kt. she looks exactly like grown-up kt, but shorter. anthony on the other hand does not look remotely the same in any two pictures i see of him.

    LOOK i have commented thrice on your blog-thing!

  6. Katie says:

    Mom – That is a whole post in and of itself! (Although I think that all the commenters on this thread would have ideas about the weirdness/normalness of our family.) I need a picture from you first though, so check your email.

    Simon – Aw! Thanks. And you've only met half of us. You should write about the election results that make you mad. Especially if you've been drinking hard cider. Plus I agree with Reid. You work from home. Why wait? Your readers will just be particularly confused when they get to chapter 22 and you start slurring sentences 😉 and cursing about election results mid paragraph.

    Reid – Yes! to Simon drinking before 5. She's a self-employed writer. I thought that was mandatory. I have written some opinions for todays post. I wasn't trying to be epic. I just felt like it was a copout if I just slapped up some picture and wrote two sentences. Then Ben contemplated changing the challenge to "I have to work out for as long as it takes me to blog" but he's not allowed to change the challenge mid challenge 🙂

    Sarah – LOL. Anthony still doesn't look the same in any two pictures. It's a specially talent of his. I'll post toddler and baby Katie during the next month. She looks a little different. Very good job commenting thrice on the blog-thing. Although, as Reid would likely point out, you have yet to be FRISTSDDDD!!!!!!

  7. Lost Lamb says:

    Aw! My family did the reading thing too (as you know) but we are not musically talented enough to have a sing along time as well. Also, you wouldn't believe how often I hear Palmer mentioned.

  8. Katie says:

    Greetings and Welcome Lost Lamb – I must say it's obvious from your comment that I know you and I have several conjectures as to who you are, but I'm not entirely sure… Care to reveal your identity on the blog, facebook, email, or some other method of communication?

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