Garden Update

4 big tomatoes + lots of flowers

16 cherry tomatoes + lots of flowers
6 zucchini blooms
I think today will be a 180oz of water day. The plants weren’t droopy when I got home and I set up the bean trellis, tied up some of the tomatoes, and spread some fertilizer. I can just about taste those tomatoes…

2 Responses to Garden Update

  1. Simon says:

    Ooh, exciting! I wish I could grow veggies! But right now I'm battling my cyclamen's root rot so maybe I'm really not ready for edible plants yet…

  2. Katie says:

    Sadly my zucchini blossoms are all male, I just learned, so none of these will give me zukes. I've also decided that all the tomatoes will come in while I'm in KY and therefore will all be wasted on Ben and his dislike of tomatoes.

    Root rot sounds interesting. I think you should write a blog post about it.

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